Is online distribution to make money?

Is online distribution to make money?

“We have prepared hundreds of ‘Victorious Bickering Methods’ for it. These sentences have one thing in common: they would be standing in a higher dimension and attacking the other party’s thinking methods but not to discuss the problem itself.”

“The effect is not bad, right?”

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Yu Pingan had nothing to say. He silently gave a thumbs up.

Chang You said, “There’s also the poetry model, but there’s not enough data in the database at the moment. Some minor problems might surface, do you want to try it?”

Yu Pingan shook his head immediately. “No need! I’m convinced!”

For some reason, this artificial retard which had no intelligence was able to make Yu Pingan feel a little overwhelmed.

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Yu Pingan had already experienced the power of AEEIS, to delve into poems now?

He would probably be beaten up from all angles.

Of course, just as Chang You had said, AEEIS’ intelligence level was not high at the moment. It was not much different from other ‘artificial retards’ in the lower-tier technological framework. However, the genius product manager of Otto Technologies had made AEEIS’ personality to the extreme based on Boss Pei’s ideas. That was why it gave people the illusion that AEEIS had become intelligent.

However, if the Useful App was successful, AEEIS would be able to monopolize the essence of the knowledge. At the beginning, it would only be able to recite poems, but it would definitely surpass the other artificial intelligence in all fields previously.

What’s more, the current AEEIS had completely exceeded Yu Pingan’s expectations.

“This ‘contrarian mode’ is created for the Fully-Automated Intelligent Bickering Machine, right? How’s the new version of the Bickering Machine going?” Yu Pingan asked.

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Chang You took out his cell phone, found the design plan, and handed it to Yu Pingan. “The design has been done, and the factory has been set up. The samples will be ready by the end of this month. If there are no problems, we can produce them in a month and then sell them.”

“We might not be holding a news conference then. We’ll directly publish a promotional video and introduce the characteristics of the new OTTO OS and the Fully-Automated Smart Bickering Machine.”

Yu Pingan took the cell phone and checked the rendering of the Fully-Automated Smart Bickering Machine.

This Fully-Automated Smart Bickering Machine looked different from the original version from the surface.

First was the size, it was obviously much bigger.