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At this point, Horikita spoke up.

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“So basically, five of the ten events are just bluffs… meant as false information for us to mislead our opponents?”

“I suppose the events can play that role too. Of the chosen ten events, seven of them will be randomly selected by an automated system prepared by the school. That’s how it will work.”

Without denying anything, Chabashira confirmed Horikita’s assertion.

Compared to previous special exams, it seemed as though this one will span over a longer period of time.

I could assume that they had chosen to hold seven events because they wanted to ensure that there was a tiebreaker.

Since there wouldn’t be any draws, it led me to wonder if the winner would be decided by the first class to get four wins out of the seven events.

“Even if the outcome is decided before all the events happen, the exam will continue until the final event ends. This is because the outcome of each event will influence the change in class points. In other words, even if the winners and losers have been determined, the competition will continue until the very end. The deadline for getting your ten events finalized will be Sunday the 14th at the end of the day. Your events will need to be checked over by the school, so it would be safer for all of you to have each event checked as soon as you decide on it.”

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“What happens if we don’t manage to come up with ten events by the 14th?”

“If that happens, the school will fill in the gaps with pre-arranged events. That said, you shouldn’t assume these ones will be favorable toward you. The events would probably end up doing more harm than good.”

It looked like we definitely needed to come up with all of our events, no matter what.

“Another important thing to note is that you’re not allowed to submit the same event twice. Suppose you’ve submitted a soccer event which determines the outcome by best two out of three. If you try to submit another soccer event with different rules where the outcome is decided by a penalty kick, it will be rejected. I advise you to keep this in mind.”

“Is it possible for us to retract an event after we’ve submitted it?”