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"More importantly, up until now, Ryuuen-kun's taken 1st place in all the individual competitions right?".

Behind his back, Hirata called out to him while silently displaying his fighting spirit.

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"What's wrong with that?".

"In terms of the participants this time, you're likely to take 1st place. It appears Ryuuen-kun's quite lucky".

"Luck's on my side after all".

"I don't know how much longer your luck will last. Just by doing something, the current can change".

"What I mean by that is I know what you're thinking".

Ryuuen laughed scornfully as though saying he had no idea what he's talking about. Hirata then continued.

"The fact that you've obtained the list on Class D's participation table as well as the fact that you know the physical abilities of Class D's students in detail too. And I also understand that you intend to make use of that. We're not idiots. There are a few trump cards we've kept hidden".

"That would have been interesting if it weren't a bluff. By looking at the contests between Class C and Class D so far, you'll inevitably stumble upon something strange. Regardless of whether you knew the truth or not, you should've at least tried to trick us".

"Yeah. That's why I'll say this. Until this day ends, I'll be showing you something interesting".

"Something interesting? Then I'll be waiting in anticipation".

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At most, Ryuuen was only half-listening to Hirata's mysterious provocation. Seeing how he took 1st place in the 200 meter dash, the possibility that he was shaken up by it can be considered nil.

"So there's a little over an hour until Sudou's next match huh.......?".

The 200 meter dashes for the 2nd years and the 3rd years followed by a 50 minute afternoon break. If Sudou fails to return by then, it'll be checkmate. If our ace is absent, there's no winning in the Recommended Only Participation events coming in the second half.