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At that point, Hashimoto got a phone call from one of his classmates, Naoki Shimizu.

“Hello. Has something happened, Naoki?”

“No… Actually, it’s about this morning… I’ve seriously had enough of this.”

“Ah. It would probably be better for you to forget about it, right? There are just a lot of talkative people in our class.”

A somewhat problematic event had taken place within Class A that morning. Shimizu had confessed to a girl named Nishikawa, only to be rejected, and knowledge of his failure had begun to circulate among the girls of the class. Perhaps Nishikawa had carelessly told one of her friends about the confession, and it just spread around from there. Something like this would happen every once in a while.

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“You won’t be able to confess to anyone at this rate if you worry too much about every single thing, you know?”

“Th-that’s right… but I still can’t forgive Nishikawa for spreading it.”

“Well, while I’d love to hear you complain about it, I’m in the middle of something else right now.”

“Oh really? My bad.”

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Hashimoto made arrangements to call him back this evening and cut the call.

“This is just how confessions end up when you don’t meet all the conditions to ensure your success.”

With the resolution to comfort his friend later on, Hashimoto returned to his mission of tailing Ayanokōji back to the dormitories.