How to make a single child online

How to make a single child online

“Is that so... as expected, Machio will claim victory at this rate.... well, as it is now, however...”

“And that’s...... who’s the youngster? A student from the Wizarding School? Doesn’t seem to be an orphan from the slums ...”

“Ah! He’s an initiate.”


No, no, no, I haven’t decided to join yet!

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Well, Tre’ainar looked happy, so I think it’s okay to join, but...

『Just join, Child.』

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「Eh, uh, Tre’ainar?」

『Of course, you need not ask them to teach you, but... this facility may be utilized...』

「Are you sure about this? In general, doing as I’m told seems irksome. I’m going to be sent to some weird tournament.」

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『Even so, tis fine. What matters is that by taking advantage of this environment now, your strength could increase dramatically.』

「R, really?」

『Indeed! If you receive my proper training... fufufufu, I can barely wait to begin.』

Oh, Tre’ainar is completely up for it.

Maybe he’s already forgotten about the High Priestess’ plot, or why there was a statue of Tre’ainar, and so on.

“Wait, Master! Recently, there are a lot of pansies who start out at first then run away after a few days, so we can’t deal with someone who doesn’t have the guts for it.”