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An app crashed!

Pei Qian had no expression on his face, but he was brimming inside.

What did I say? How could there be no bug! All sorts of weird bugs would come crawling out with Tang Yishu’s presence! My dear Chang You, what else do you have to say?

Chang You froze instantly.

This f*cking sh*t just slapped me back in the face!

He was just talking about how the system was stable without any bugs and about his future plans. A bug appeared in the next second…

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However, Chang You calmed down in no time.

“Boss Pei, don’t mind it. This is just a trial version after all. It is normal to have a bug or two occasionally.

“You turned it over for quite some time before you finally found a bug. That is enough to prove the completion and stability of this version.”

“The tests to come would definitely… f*ck?”

Chang You’s inner thought had yet to be completed before another program in his cell phone crashed. Vulgarities exploded subconsciously from his lips.

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He had nothing else to say.

Chang You regretted a little. He said it too soon!

He just boasted about the stability of the system, and it showed several bugs appeared one after another. Who was it kidding?

He didn’t dare to explain anymore. Things had progressed to this state it was obvious that any more explanation would be shrinking from responsibility. He could only silently wait for Boss Pei to vent his anger.

Pei Qian worked so hard just to find three or four bugs. He heaved a sigh in his heart.

Phew, that was alright. Where should I put my old face if I couldn’t find a bug? Who knows what Chang You would do if he were to become too arrogant?

It was great that there were bugs now so that he could take advantage of the problem and guide Chang You onto the wrong path.