How to use people's sympathy to make money online

How to use people's sympathy to make money online

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Huang Wang exclaimed, “I feel like GOG is going to spread to the rest of the world soon. A million US dollars! It’ll be streamed around the globe, too. I really want to take part in it.”

No one said anything in response because everyone wanted to go as well.

Which esports athlete wouldn’t want to stand on the world stage and enjoy the moment when they held up their championship trophy?

Yet, everyone knew full well that the DGE Club had conflicting interests and would not be allowed to take part. Those were the rules.

Old Zhou comforted him. “Don’t think about it anymore. Boss Pei must have another plan for us. We should just focus on training.”

Huang Wang sounded sorrowful. “But Boss Pei has not visited us in a long time, and he’s so busy. Could he have forgotten about our club...?”

The moment Huang Wang finished speaking, they heard footsteps coming from outside.

Zhang Yuan turned around and shouted in surprise. “Boss Pei? What are you doing here?”

The team members turned at once. Indeed, it was Boss Pei!

Pei Qian smiled. “I heard that you’re taking part in a competition on live-stream, and so I came to take a look.”

More accurately put, he was there to check how deep their knives were in his back. He had to prepare to defend himself. However, Boss Pei’s words carried a whole other meaning to the team members.

“Boss Pei hasn’t forgotten about us. He still cares about our situation!”

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“He even made time to watch our competition despite his busy schedule!”

“We have to put on a good show for Boss Pei during the Performance Competition in the afternoon!”