Make money online to regret the cloud QM speed 5

Make money online to regret the cloud QM speed 5

Both sides argued and argued.

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Obviously, the original poster’s argument was deceiving many people who did not know the truth. In addition, the fake reviewers added fuel to the fire. The debate between the two sides was very intense.

There were also many gamers who painstakingly explained that GOG had a high market share overseas. It was not much different from IOI, but the results were minimal.

That was because IOI’s loyal gamers and fake reviewers were not there for rational discussion. No matter what GOG’s gamers rebuked, they only kept on spamming comments such as’ entertaining themselves’ and ‘spending money to do their bidding’.

Repeating numerous times would increase the impression of stereotypes and tear each other apart online. The truth was not important. Most people only needed to emphasize a fixed label repeatedly. Even if the label was low-class and brainless, someone would remember it as long as it was repeated enough times.

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Most of the time, the so-called “discussions” online were the same as a shrew cursing on the streets. They did not compete on logic but on who was louder.

Obviously, this group of people were well-versed in the principles of fighting online. Using a small number of people to achieve excellent results.

Many GOG players were furious, but Pei Qian was happy.

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Alright, it looked like Long Yu Corporation was not a slacker. It was finally working!

Long Yu Corporation’s performance during the qualifiers in IOI was really bad. Pei Qian only went to watch the competition live and did not do anything. Long Yu Corporation collapsed without a fight. Pei Qian was really disappointed.

However, Long Yu Corporation was finally struggling now!

Pei Qian was very pleased and hoped to increase the intensity!

The fake reviewers would definitely be able to affect the popularity of the GPL spring competition as long as you continue to criticize FV Team when they were tortured in the top eight competition this weekend!