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At that thought, Wu Bin sorrowfully paid for both of their drinks and then prepared to display his gift of the gab. He had to seduce this naive-looking, young man to work for his company instead.

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Pei Qian froze momentarily. “Indeed, you’re the most thoughtful, Assistant Xin! I almost forgot about that!”

In theory, outfits shouldn’t be important for an industry such as the gaming one.

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For many traditional and finance industries, outfits were extremely important for business meetings.

From the clothes one wore to the type of watches and the cars they drove, everything was of significance.

Some people would spend tens of thousands on a single suit – that was a requirement.

If they weren’t proper in their dressing, they may fail the business negotiations with a poor first impression.

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Similarly, a proper outfit was the fundamental of courtesy when it came to seeking employment in traditional industries.

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However, things were different in the internet age – particularly in gaming industries.

Many big bosses of gaming companies would wear nothing but a t-shirt and shorts to work.

Even when programmers applied for a job, they would be dressed in the standard t-shirt or plaid shirts alongside jeans, slippers and backpacks.

After all, in this unique industry, their technical skills during interviews were more important than their attires.

Because that was the general culture, most interviewees would not dress up specially for interviews. In fact, those who turn up in a suit with a tie would end up looking out of place instead.

Because of that, Pei Qian neglected that aspect.

However, with Assistant Xin’s reminder, he had a change of mind – he truly needed an outfit.

Firstly, that would go on the company accounts which meant that he could spend even more money!

Secondly, that would help him in developing his work.