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Small part upon online

Here, I spoke of what I regarded as an established fact about him.

“If this has no basis, then I can’t help but doubt it.”

“I know that, but I have no time to leisurely negotiate with you. That man is determined to accomplish his objective, by fair means or foul.”

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This depended on how much the chairman understood my father.

If it’s only a tenuous relationship, then he wouldn’t be able to figure out what I meant.

But based on our previous conversation, I could roughly guess what he would say.

Chairman Sakayangi understood my father’s thoughts and feelings very well.

“You’re saying that sensei…your father’s trying to retrieve you through this method?”

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The sentence that was just spoken could be used as confirmation that he was feigning ignorance.

But I haven’t said anything about Tsukishiro being controlled by my father.

Without confirming this point, he connected this situation with my father. This was proof.

“You said that there was external obstruction at the end of year special exam, but was there any actual damage done?”

Of course, Chairman Sakayanagi had no way of knowing the circumstances behind the special exam.

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If he knew, then he would have figured out a solution by now.