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There was a knock on my door.

(Who is it… this late at night?)

「Yes, who is it?」

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As I asked so,

「-Sorry for disturbing you at this time, Allen. It’s me.」

Leia-sensei’s stern voice replied.

As I immediately opened the door, sensei was standing there with her arms folded, and a serious expression on her face.

「What happened, sensei? At this hour?」

「It’s about this morning – I came to talk about the group that attacked Ria」 sensei said, with a serious look that I’ve never seen before.

「I’m sorry about the time, but won’t you follow along?」


It seems that the guys from this morning, have a rather troublesome background, after all.

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(It’s quite a hassle, but… It can’t be helped this time…)

My precious friend, Ria, is in danger.

If there’s anything I can do – I’ll do my best to cooperate.

I followed Leia-sensei and was led to her room