How to make online teaching to make money

How to make online teaching to make money

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After a moment of silence, Lin Canrong said, “Actually, I only recently realized that by chance. Coincidentally, it came in handy today.” Jia Nuo was stunned. “You only realized that by chance? Branch Manager, that sudden realization really came at the right time, right?”

Lin Canrong looked stern. “It looks like a coincidence, but in reality... it was planned.

“I looked for Boss Pei earlier, intending to open a new branch, but Boss Pei rejected my suggestion. After that, I went back to think hard about what Boss Pei thought Ming Yun Private Kitchen’s role was.

“Subsequently, I understood. Ming Yun Private Kitchen is a unique restaurant that pursues quality over quantity. It’s meant to provide the best experience for all diners.

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“The best experience, by nature, cannot be copied. Boss Pei kept emphasizing that Ming Yun Private Kitchen cannot set up another branch but has to spend as much money as possible on improving details. “I kept trying to find gaps to fill so that every aspect of this restaurant could be perfect. Our restaurant would not give foreigners special treatment. Instead, we will treat every customer equally and provide the perfect dining experience for all.

“Today, we only hosted two slightly pickier diners from overseas, but this means a lot because we have passed the test. As long as we take every day as our first day, treat every customer as our first customer, and value every diner’s feedback; we will become the best.

“I learned all of those things while reflecting on Boss Pei’s intentions, including the difference between Western and Chinese cuisine, as well as current developments in the food and beverage industry.

“I think that we can only fulfill Boss Pei’s expectations of Ming Yun Private Kitchen by working hard to meet this same standard!”

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[1] This is the traditional braised pork belly.

June 9th, Thursday... After planning for the manufacturing of the Fully-Automated Bickering Machine on Monday, Pei Qian had more free time over the next two days.

Every now and then, he checked in on Tengda Games, Deposit Fitness, and Fish-Catching Take-Out. Everything looked peaceful and calm.

At noon, Pei Qian ate lunch at Fish-Catching Internet Cafe as usual. As he sipped his coffee, he organized his mind map of inter-departmental relationships.

Ding. His cell phone rang. Pei Qian picked it up and frowned at once. It was a message from the Management Trainee at Ming Yun Private Kitchen.

“Boss Pei, there has been an obvious increase in the number of foreigners making reservations at Ming Yun Private Kitchen over the past two days.”

An obvious increase in the number of foreigners? Something seemed fishy!

Pei Qian immediately became cautious.