Is it true that the money on Tinhen wool?

Is it true that the money on Tinhen wool?

Shenhua and Tengda had invested a huge sum of money. Lin Wan, the successful game designer, had personally done the work. Shang Yang Games’ original team had helped, and Shenhua’s original cell phone department had been in charge of the development of VR glasses.

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Some time ago, he had even coincidentally laid down a huge foreshadowing: Teacher Qiao.

If the publicity plans that Meng Chang made previously were difficult, this project would look like hell.

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Boss Pei could even manage this?

Meng Chang did not believe it.

It was not that he did not believe in Boss Pei’s ability, but he wanted to broaden his horizons.

Thus, he had been keeping an eye on this project. He immediately notified Boss Pei when he heard the news from the group chat.

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At that moment, Meng Chang was like a primary school student thirsting for knowledge.

To him, it was meaningless to learn proper knowledge. Such unorthodox knowledge was more interesting!

If Boss Pei could really succeed in advertising under such difficulty, Meng Chang would definitely be willing to submit and call Boss Pei the best!

An hour later, Pei Qian arrived at Slow Movement Studio.

Meng Chang had already arrived. Lin Wan, Cai Jiadong, Ye Zhizhou, the product manager of the VR glasses, Old Song, and Teacher Qiao were all there.

“Boss Pei!” Everyone greeted him.

Lin Wan was very touched to see Boss Pei come personally.