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Indeed, Aguri-san and I, …no, I, Keita Amano, have to apologize to everyone because of what happened next-

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“-I’m taking Aguri-san, everything of her.”

-An idiotic and lonely otaku just clearly executed a “territorial invasion” to his friend.

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“I deeply understand how mistaken I am to do that.”

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Finally, -after I explained how Main-san went wild that day, I wiped the sweat on my forehead with the back of my head.

Around my desk, with Uehara-kun as the center, Tendou-san and Chiaki are just next to him. They are the “apology-accepting trio” here. The three of them sat in front of me, shoulder to shoulder. As for Aguri-san, she sat somewhere behind us, which’s a bit far away. She put her hands on her chin as if this has nothing to do with her.


These people never answered me once when I started the story. They are just listening to what I’m saying. My optimistic side treats this as them willing to hear me out seriously. The pessimistic side, …which is like 90%!o(MISSING)f me, perceives this based on disappointment and anger.

Of course. Until this point, people have suspected the relationship between my friend’s girlfriend and me a few times. I just kicked all the evidence away with, “That’s dumb.” “We didn’t do anything bad.” “It’s just a coincidence/misunderstanding.” Sometimes, we even think that Tendou-san and Uehara-kun are annoying to bug us out.

It’s different this time.

At that time, I was consciously laying waste on Uehara-kun- her boyfriend’s territory.

“I requested a direct match with Aguri-san’s cousin that wagered her ‘ownership.’ No matter how much I tried to cover it, …this is not something that a friend should do.”

I feel like I’m really in a stressful interview. My hands are sweating as I grabbed my kneecaps. …Crap, even though I already mentally prepared myself. …However, I feel really diffident when I’m facing my important ones.

“Not to mention that the person in question has a boyfriend, …and I also have a girl that I should treat with sincerity. I was so dumb for making a big fat lie like that…”

My friend, partner-in-battle, the person I love, and the girl I care about are all here.

These people are in the Hobby Club right now. I want to show my best side to all of them as much as possible. They are important to me.

However, …that’s why I need to be honest and confess my sins.