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I exhaled a deep breath and concentrated my mind.

(The points to focus on are the angle of the sword drawing, the bend of the arm, and the snap of the wrist.)

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A number of clues that I grasped a while ago.

I carefully went over them one by one, and applied them to my own swordsmanship.

When a clear image of the movement formed in my mind, I drew my sword at that moment.

「Sakura Blossom One Sword Style – Lightning Sakura」

At that moment, a thunderclap-like flash ran from left to right.

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「I-I did it!」

It did not match Bacchus-san’s original Lightning Sakura.

However, the “pressure” of my Iai-slash was already approaching his.

「Hou… you saw it only once, and yet it’s this close to the “genuine”. The speed fell a little short, but… Not bad at all! Way to go, kid!」

He laughed heartily and patted me on the back.

「T-Thank you.」

I felt happy.

I was simply happy that someone recognized my swordsmanship.

The effort piled up over a billion years.