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“That condition was… the difference in class points.”

In fact, the reason why Ichinose and Horikita’s class ceased their hostility towards each other, was because of the huge difference in class points.

“Although it wasn’t intentional, right now there’s a sufficient difference in class points between our classes. In other words, I don’t think it’s impossible for us to join forces.”

“What makes me sad is that this isn’t a happy proposal. After all, it implies that our class is not worthy of your caution, an insignificant existence to you.”

“Crudely speaking, that’s it.”

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The merciless reality of Sakayanagi’s words struck Ichinose.

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Nevertheless, Ichinose was still smiling. Although emotional denial was easy, she couldn’t ignore the reality that her class was being pushed down into desperate straits.

“I don’t think it’ll be beneficial for you to cooperate with us, Sakayanagi-san.”

“No, that’s not true. Indeed, if we only talk about fighting strength, you have many shortcomings. However, you have a powerful weapon that no other class possesses.”

Sakayanagi smiled and said.

“That is— “trust”. Ichinose-san, I can say for sure that as long as we are joining forces, you would not betray me no matter what happens. That is a very important factor to consider when creating an alliance.”

A partner who you can trust to watch your back. Sakayanagi said that this factor in itself made the alliance worthwhile.

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“Although it’s nice to receive that evaluation from you, we’re in a situation where we don’t care anymore, right?”

“Still, I don’t think you’ll let go of the weapon known as trust that you have built up so far. If there is a betrayal, then it would be my own fault for having misjudged you.”

Even if this was a trap, Ichinose didn’t consider being trusted to be a bad thing.

However, she already knew that Sakayanagi was an opponent who couldn’t be taken lightly.

“Could you be a bit more specific?”

“Can I take this to mean that you want to move forward with our partnership?”

“… That’s right.”