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After she called multiple times, I finally picked it up.

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30 minutes ago, I called Kei, but she didn’t answer it. Now, she called back.

“Nevermind that, what’s the matter?”

“You sound a little dissatisfied.”

“Not really, it’s not really dissatisfaction, it’s more like I wanted to confirm something.”

“Is it about me not contacting you after calling you out?”

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On the day I met Hiyori, I called Kei, but in the end, I didn’t tell her anything.

At that time, I only told her that I would contact her when I remembered.

In the end, I didn’t contact her until the end of the spring break on purpose.

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“So you still remember? What, are you deliberately trying to annoy me?”

“About the thing, can we meet up and talk about it?”

I said this and cut short the topic.


“About the thing I told you I would tell you once I remembered, I’ve thought about it. Can you come over now?”

“Seriously…you sure know how to pick a good time….Well, it’s not impossible, but if we’re seen by others, I won’t be responsible.”

At this time, there were many people leaving and entering the dormitory.

The probability that Kei was seen coming to my room was very high.

“You don’t need to care about that.”