How to make money online brush lesson

How to make money online brush lesson

It would be best if he could find a bloated supporting actor who was not very popular.

Meng Chang pondered for a long time before his eyes lit up as he thought of a candidate.

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Lin Jiaqiang!

This name was very unfamiliar to many people, but everyone knew that he was one of Zhang Zuting’s best friends.

As an outdated Best Actor, Zhang Zuting had a few good friends who played supporting roles when he was filming movies. For example, Ah Jian, Ah Xiong, and Jiaqiang were all good friends of Zhang Zuting.

After these people gradually became outdated, other than Zhang Zuting, who could still use his handsome image as a middle-aged uncle to film some movies, the other supporting actors became worse off. Some of them were even reduced to performing at building openings.

Among them, Lin Jiaqiang was the most miserable. He fell into a contractual dispute with his management company because he could not get any job. Thus, his life was difficult. He could only rely on Zhang Zuting and his other friends to support him.

Boss Pei had asked them to shoot a set of advertisements for Bloody Battle Song: The Powerful Version. “I’m Zha Zhuti, you can come and bite me if you’re my brother.” It had become a golden phrase on the internet back then. After that, these brothers had also shot advertisements. Netizens had jokingly called them the Five Tigers of Bloody Battle Song.

It was said that Boss Pei had offered quite a high price back then. It should have greatly improved their living conditions.

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The more Meng Chang thought about it, the more he felt that this brother was very reliable.

That was because Lin Jiaqiang was a fatty who weighed more than a hundred kilograms. He would pant as he walked. Meng Chang’s requirements for him to shoot this fitness equipment advertisement were too high!

At that thought, Meng Chang immediately arranged for his subordinates to contact him.