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Old Zhou: “D*mn right, we would.”

Obviously, both teams were very disappointed.

Although DGE’s environment and treatment far surpassed the other clubs’, the team members still wanted to compete on stage, win a trophy, and enjoy being applauded and cheered for.

That was every professional athlete’s ultimate dream. Material conditions alone could not replace that.

Coach Yaling smiled. “Don’t think too much, everyone. Boss Pei definitely has other plans for you.”

They all looked at her suspiciously. “Is that so?”

Coach Yaling nodded. “Of course.

“Boss Pei personally set your training schedule, hired me to train you, planned additional meals and adequate nutrition for you, and hired a professional masseuse. He even provided a lot of funds for all of you to travel to various cities for mock competitions...

“Just think about it. If the DGE Club remained hidden under wraps without participating in any competitions, who would stand to lose the most?

“Boss Pei, obviously!

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“If Boss Pei didn’t have other plans for you, would it make sense for him to cultivate two strong esports teams and keep them under wraps? Of course not.

“That means Boss Pei probably does have other plans. Don’t think about it, everyone. Just train hard. I believe that you will get a chance to stand on that stage one day!”

Everyone nodded one by one, thinking that what Coach Yaling had said made sense.

That’s right. Boss Pei had invested so much money into the club. He can’t possibly intend for us not to be seen or heard, right?

He must have other plans!

Don’t overthink—just train hard to maintain our standard. Our chance will come!


Back in his office, Pei Qian sneezed out of nowhere. He quickly wrapped the blanket tighter around himself.

Zhang Wang had just paid him a visit earlier to deliver a piece of good news. Manufacturing of the Fully-Automated Bicker Machines was complete! All of them were stacked up in the warehouses!