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The most practical Money AP on the Internet

I didn’t have eyes on my back, so I didn’t know someone was watching.

However, there was no need to panic because of this.

Even if someone saw that scene at that time from a distance, it wasn’t something that unexpected.

“Even though I stayed in the distance because I thought I would be discovered if I came any closer, I think I saw him crying.”

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Witnessing that scene and quickly processing what it meant, it seemed like she collected a certain amount of data.

Matsushita’s intentions gradually became obvious.

Judging by her words and her actions, believing that she had nothing to do with Tsukishiro should be fine.

“Back then, during the second day, Hirata returned to class, so shouldn’t this be more than just a pure coincidence?”

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I thought she was an ordinary student, but she was unexpectedly acute.

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It was worth nothing that she was telling these things to me.

It didn’t seem like she was here because she couldn’t keep those thoughts to herself.

Although it could be labeled as just pure curiosity…