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“Why isn’t the word ‘loading’ in the progress bar in the middle yet? A little to the left? Is he trying to drive OCD to death? Even interns can’t make such a mistake when they do PowerPoint, right?”

“Something’s not right. Is this the official version? Are you sure it’s not a semi-finished product?”

Qiao Liang had already sunk into deep self-doubt before he even saw the official game graphics.

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Was there something wrong with the purchase button?

Finally, after some time, he entered the game.

However, after seeing the real game, Qiao Liang’s psychological defense collapsed completely.

“Deceit, this is definitely fraud!”

“This is the same f*cking game as the trailer?!”

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The official game graphics had indeed changed a little compared to the original version, but it was still the same as CG and the title graphics. The quality of the graphics had indeed improved, but the art resources did not seem to have changed at all!

The actual game graphics in particular stunned Qiao Liang.

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That was because the official platform had released a trailer when they were preheating Fantasy Battle Remake. It was a classic battle plot in Fantasy Battle Remake.

In that trailer, all the characters’ modeling and setting details were so detailed that they were on the level of Fantasy World’s online game. In fact, one could even see the hair of the characters, the pores on their faces, and the shape of their mouths matched the lines perfectly.

There was still a clear gap between the current plot and the AAA games. Nonetheless, it could already be regarded as a hero as an RTS game.

However, Qiao Liang now realized that there was nothing from the trailer!

If the original game graphics was 1, and the game graphics in the trailer was 10, then the current game graphics was at most 2.

It did not seem wrong to say that this was a remake. The quality of the graphics had improved, but it was completely different from what gamers had imagined!