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Everyone held their breath. As for Tendo-san, she slowly raised her twisted smiling face that looked like a mask… said to her classmates “excuse me for a moment”, then left her seat… She then walked towards me with a smile on her face!

Uwah! W-Why!? Why is Tendo-san walking to me !? It got so awkward the previous time! I still haven’t shaken off my title of ‘giant slug’ yet!

The situation was completely unexpected── like grinding near a save point and suddenly entering a final boss fight, which threw me into extreme confusion.

Under the watchful gaze of the students from Class A, Tendo-san came before me, and spoke after widening her smile even further:

“It’s been awhile, Amano-kun.”

"L-Long time no see, Tendo-san…"

I was so nervous that my entire body turned stiff, and I broke out in cold sweat. Compared to the first time I met Tendo-san, my fear had grown stronger. My smug feeling from back then was completely gone, and only the negative and darkness remains. I was scared.

I stood up straight as if I was being lectured by a teacher for violating school rules.

Tendo-san was composed and smiling… But at the same time, she seemed a little nervous as she asked me:

“So, what brings you to Class A? I-I heard just now that you are looking for a girl…”

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“Ah, yes. I am looking for a girl in Class A…”

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“... I-Is that so?”

Tendo-san who was standing appeared a little giddy for an instant… So she really was unwell?