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How to make money on online educational flowers

『Well...... even if there is no death or injury.... you may end up with a vision of such.』


That’s right, I can imagine it.

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There’s a feeling like somehow lives are on the line, even though I know I’m not going to die.

It’s so heavy, painful, and cold that just looking at his eyes makes my consciousness seem far away.

An overwhelming sense of intimidation.

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Tre’ainar who usually listens to my conversations and talks normally... scares me...

『Is something wrong, coward? Tis what everyone is saying about you, right? Those words you hate the most.』


『Still, you are only the hero-』

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However, as usual he raises my motivation, and inflates my fighting spirit!

“B-Be quiet! It’s annoying! Let’s do this!”

『Hmm... He seems smarter than his father... are the simpler parts still the same... But, that is the first step.』