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“An attractive and casual RPG where the protagonist loves reflecting on himself and slowly makes friends.”

“It’s exactly Amanocchi! Eh, what’s happening!? Seriously!? The first game really does influence your personality!”

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“Didn’t I say this before? That’s why Tendou-san and I can’t back down on this.”

“Even though I don’t want to admit this, I think I slowly understand you guys! I-Indeed, forget about normal families. Amanocchi and Tendou-san’s child is guaranteed to be a gamer. The first game really does matter here!”


Tendou-san and I immediately leaned forward to ask for agreement. Aguri-san nodded, but she quickly followed with a question.

“So, what are the differences between you two’s opinions?”

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“…Like I said before, we’re having an argument because our feelings for games are different.”

“Ah, in other words, both of you are pushing for your own recommendations? A normal RPG vs. a hardcore FPS?”

“Ah, nope. It’s the opposite.”

“Eh? The opposite?”

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After hearing my answer, Aguri-san, Uehara-kun, and Chiaki blinked in confusion.

Tendou-san and I pointed at each other.

Both of us said the crux of this argument at the same time.

“Our child has to be like Tendou-san (Amano-kun)!”

“You unimaginably idiot couples!”

The three dropped their jaws after hearing the reason. Uehara-kun yelled.