What kind of money is the security software safe?

What kind of money is the security software safe?

If by any chance, someone were to come here, this man would probably pretend to be a stranger and simply walk off.

"You seem pretty close to the former student council president. Was Suzune also useful?".

Including the rooftop incident from a while ago too, Ryuuen lightly laughed. Perhaps he had already conjectured that she is the little sister of the student council president, but it seems he's already investigated it.

"I had thought you'd be alone, Ayanokouji. To think Ryuuen would be accompanying you".

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Rather than surprised, it was more like he was confirming it with me just in case.

Glancing once at the snow piled up on my head, then not paying it any attention, the older Horikita began to talk.

"Then, I'll be continuing with what I have to say under the assumption that Ryuuen Kakeru is also a cooperator. If we go about it leisurely, there's no telling who will spot us after all".

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"Wait a minute. Who are you calling a cooperator?".

"At the very least I can guarantee that he's not an external enemy".

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Ally, cooperator. I couldn't answer with a lie like that so I answered this way.

"Ayanokouji, when you requested help from me a while back, do you remember the promise you made to me?".

"Yeah. It's about helping you stop Nagumo Miyabi, right?".