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An aloof hunter.

No matter how powerful the strategy or the weapon, I won’t just give my pride away-

-But I’ll do it. Strength is the best! It’s because I’m an aloof hunter! No one hunts with me because of my trashy personality. I’m a cold hunter that relies on my little brother!

So, I made preparations with an evil smile after knowing that powerful strategy. It’s because this game requires you to get materials from monsters to make weapons and armor. You need a specific weapon to use that tactic effectively.

I made all kinds of effort with determined eyes.

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I spent a lot of time defeating tough monsters to make a strong weapon.

The aloof hunter is thinking, “Something’s not right.” “No, wait, do I really need to press O on this one?” I’m giving my best despite not knowing the results. The hunter is working diligently to cheat.

So, I grasped the little playtime I got after finishing my drafts. Finally, I made that OP weapon and finished the preparations.

Just as I’m about to open the game and do the actual hunting, …I see a new patch that’s being installed.

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The patch nerfed that strategy.

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I smiled depressingly after seeing that in the game. So, I returned to my routine before making this gear. I assembled the set, …got my usual gears on, and started a new adventure.

Yes, …that’s how people call me.

-A lonely hunter (laughs).

I encountered something that often happens in online games.

I should smooth things over a little bit. In reality, this patch is correct. Thanks to that, there’s not only one meta with weapons and strategy. It added more variety and buffed other weak weapons.

It’s just that this made me reconsider a lot of things.

For example, when I’m writing, I often think, “Ah, come to think of it, I really want to rewrite that part.” Whether it’s about the setting or the opening of the story. I feel like it’s a good thing to edit it with a republication. …However, that’s not true sometimes.

Very well, I’ll start deleting the “Tendou-san is everyone’s idol” setting at the start of < Gamers! > in secret. Eh, even if I don’t, everyone already forgot about this setting, right? Ah, really. …Well, I feel bad for her. Hmm, let’s keep everything unchanged. Yep.