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From the looks of it now, it was no longer useful to keep a low profile. That was because everyone felt that Brother Bao did not have any urgent work to do. He would not be delayed even if he was a traveling companion. Thus, they asked him to accompany them.

Thus, if he found a job, he would be able to openly reject the invitations of those accompanying him in the future. The next second best employee would be too embarrassed to look for him.

However, the work that he had to do could not be too critical or important. Take the gaming department for example. If he worked too high and managed to take credit, he might still be voted as the second best employee.

Thus, this had to be a job that was neither too important nor too unimportant.

Wouldn’t the snack market be perfect?

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This was a project that Boss Pei had personally requested. He would help out. Once he found something to do, he would be able to avoid accompanying others. The person in charge of this snack market was Zhang Yahui. Liang Qingfan was in charge of renovations and brand design. No matter how outstanding his work was, he would only be a third-in-command.

No matter how he thought about it, it was impossible for him to be voted as the second best employee.

In short, everything was perfect!

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The only problem was whether Zhang Yahui and Liang Qingfan would accept it.

Bao Xu coughed lightly. “This snack market project sounds very interesting! Can I transfer over to help and be your assistant?”

Liang Qingfan was elated. “Of course!”

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“Oh, right, I forgot to introduce him. This is a veteran employee of Tengda Games. He has made outstanding contributions and is known as’ Traveler Bao Xu ‘.”

Zhang Yahui’s eyes widened immediately. “You’re Bao Xu? Nice to meet you! I might not have seen you before, but your name is well-known!”