Is it true if I buy color online?

Is it true if I buy color online?

"But still I’m thankful. Towards the ones who bullied me and the school which hid that fact."

It wouldn’t be strange for her to think about her cruel past and cry, but she looked to the future and continued.

"Everyone here doesn’t know who I am. That is why I was able to find a new me. That would probably not have happened if they had knew."

Overturning her bad situation by herself by obtaining the popular Hirata.

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"Karuizawa, I honestly want to praise you, but there is something else I need to tell you first. Assisting in bullying others is now forbidden."

"Ha? You say I’m bullying someone?"

"Being headstrong is good and all, but haven’t you been targeting Sakura lately? It’s obvious that she isn’t the kind of girl who would bully you. Even though you are doing it to prevent becoming a victim yourself, don’t join them."

I reminded her with a warning. No matter what past she has, there are things she can and cannot approve of doing.

"Sakura-san heh? You want to help her because she is so attached to you?"

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"Do I need a reason? You should know rather well how it is to be on the victim’s side."

"As for me, this position is my lifeline. It’s not something I can carelessly throw away. I feel bad for Sakura-san, but the weak exist because the strong do. Especially for those pretending like me."

If I’m going to get bullied, I’ll bully first. If there was something I could read from her resolution, this was it.

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"It’s for her sake. She has been helping me a lot after all."

"…Hmm. You sure admitted it quickly."

Dissatisfaction or discontent could’t be seen in her eyes. Only wariness.

"My words may not sound very convincing for you but… alright. I will be careful from now on. Is that all?"

"I’m glad you understand. Besides, you already have Hirata to secure your position. It won’t be threatened for now."

"It’s true that I may have been overdoing it."

As long as she can see herself objectively, there’s no need to worry.