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「Ara, Allen-kun. What are you doing here?」

The president’s eyes widened for a moment and then she immediately returned to her usual gentle expression.

「I wasn’t able to fall asleep, so I thought I’d take a light walk.」

Actually, I just wanted to empty my bladder before going to bed.

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But I felt shy to say that to her.

「I see… that might be a good idea.」

She folded her arms in an adorable manner, and nodded to herself.

「But don’t stay up late, okay? Tomorrow is an important day, after all.」

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She said with an “older sister” tone, raising her index finger.

「Ahaha, I understand. I’ll just get some fresh air and return to my room right away.」

「Fufu, I’m relieved then.」

After having such a light chat, I finally got into the main subject.

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「By the way, president, were you on a phone call?」

「Ah… yeah, it was from my father.」