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Ichinose told the truth. And also a lie.

“I heard from your homeroom teacher, Hoshinomiya-sensei. Looks like your results on the entrance exams were also outstanding.”

“Thank you very much.”

She obediently accepted his praise.

But she couldn’t look Nagumo in the eye.

“To be honest, you’re quite something.”

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“But… President Horikita didn’t acknowledge me…”

Ichinose, with a bitter smile, put herself down.

It was because she had expected she’d be able to join the student council.

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Even so, a hint of a smile remained.

Because she felt that she wouldn’t give him a good impression here by being depressed.

“It’s because President Horikita’s a strict person. In all likelihood, he already rejected you out of hand because you’re not in Class A. That man puts a lot of emphasis on status.”

“I see…”

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That was a lie Nagumo told.