What software has the most profitable method online?

What software has the most profitable method online?

However, he was confused at the same time. What was with everyone today? Why did they order Fish-Catching Take-Out?

Actually, many people in Jingzhou had ordered Fish-Catching Take-Out before, but they did not eat it every day. They would only order it every once in a while for a change in taste. They would usually order other takeaways as well.

There might be many types of meals available for Fish-Catching Take-Out, but one would definitely get tired of eating it all the time.

Therefore, there might be a lot of users of Fish-Catching Take-Out in Jingzhou with a good reputation, but everyone did not order it frequently so it was difficult to achieve payback.

However, with the situation being such now...

Rui Yuchen could not help but be pleasantly surprised. “We’ll be able to make profits if we have such an order quantity every day!

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“Forget it, what am I thinking? How would it be possible for us to have such an order quantity every day?

“Wait, that’s not right. It isn’t any special occasion today. Why are people ordering from Fish-Catching Take-Out?”

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The more Rui Yuchen thought of it, the more he felt it wasn’t right. He quickly went to the chat group consisting of branch managers of Fish-Catching Take-Out to check.

Only then did he realize that the chat group was swarmed with messages!

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“Quickly look at this news!”

“[Link] The strictest garbage sorting in Handong Province is fully implemented!”

“[Link] It was imperative to cultivate the awareness of garbage sorting”

“[Link] Leading garbage sorting into a new fashion and new habit!”

“Has it been implemented?”

“Yes, the stage of soliciting opinions is now over. It is now fully implemented in Handong Province, and Jingzhou is a key model city.”

“Some small districts are already inspecting garbage sorting, and any litter no longer exists.”

“So fast? No wonder I was thinking why the orders are exploding today!”