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Do you sell your adult products online?

“I surrender. Really, please forgive me, Amano-sama.”

“Jeez…Uehara-kun, you’re useless.”

It’s been around 30 minutes since I started playing that 50-yen-per-try, unpopular fighting game with him at the arcade.

Uehara-kun plopped his head down at the machine in front of me, helplessly. Then, I puffed up my chest and crossed my arms as I yelled at him.

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“I can’t believe you admitted defeat after you crushed me with a mere 10 overwhelming victories in a row, how useless!”

“I don’t feel like it, THIS IS SUPER BORING!!!”

Uehara-kun peeked at me from the opposite side as if he’s dropping blood tears and told me that.

I ignored my defeated character on the screen and shook my head helplessly.

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“When can I get stronger, Master Uehara?”

“Why are you still acting all smug right now! Please, learn for a bit. How could someone be weaker as they played more rounds…”

“I’m afraid it’s because my passion for fighting games has already reached its peak. After that, I’ll start to get bored with it and don’t want to play anymore. Honestly, I’m a bit tired right now.”

“Self-motivation! You want to be better at gaming, right! If you want it, then please act like you want to learn!”

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“How impolite. I’m learning in my own ways, as well! Look, this time…I learned that resistance is futile, and not fighting back will make me feel better!”

“That’s the worst thing you can take away from fighting games! The most important thing to do everything is to never give up and stay high-spirited! Most manga and anime mentioned that time and time again, right!”

“But don’t those pawns from Kingdom die in an instant before they can talk about that kind of philosophy? I, Keita Amano, is even worse than those pawns, please acknowledge that! It’s basically impossible for me to kill legends like you or Tendou-san!” [Note: Kingdom, a Japanese seinen manga based on the Warring States period in China.]

“Then there’s nothing left for me to teach you! You will never get stronger!”

“P-Please, Master Uehara…There’s a cheat called ‘protagonist hack’ in this world, right? Can you think of a method…to share some of that to me?”

“How despicable! By the way, I don’t have that at all!”

“Really? What the hell, I shouldn’t find you if I knew it. I should’ve asked the real protagonist Mizumi-kun instead…What a failure.”