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This took place less than a month ago in one of the police-courts.

The Judge to the Accused - Your profession?

M.Lefurteux - President of the company.

Question - Before that what were you doing?

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Answer - I speculated at the bourse.

Q - You had no means?

A - I beg your pardon: I was making money.

Q - And it was under such circumstances that you had the audacityto organize a company with a capital stock of three million offrancs, divided in shares of five hundred francs?

A - Having discovered an idea, I did not suppose that I was forbiddento work it up.

Q - What do you call an idea?

A - The idea of draining swamps, and making them productive.

Q - What swamps? Yours never had any existence, except in yourprospectus.

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A - I expected to buy them as soon as my capital was paid in.

Q - And in the mean time you promised ten per cent to yourstockholders.

A-That's the least that draining operations ever pay.

Q - You have advertised?

A - Of course.

Q - To what extent?