What technology is good online online

What technology is good online online

“I hope you can write a contract to ensure that Tengda Corporation will not announce the development of the three works of the inspiration class to the outside world through any official channels within two months.”

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As the saying went, a fall in the pit, a gain in your wit.

Meng Chang was not stupid. He would definitely not make the same mistakes again.

Back then, he had been promoting Mission and Choice and had almost gotten the commission. However, Boss Pei suddenly changed the release date, causing his plan to fail completely and the commission that he had obtained to fly away.

Meng Chang naturally knew about the development of the three copyrights after going to the inspiration class.

However, he also keenly noticed that they would only be released two months later at the earliest.

Under normal circumstances, it should not hinder him from getting a commission. After all, the commission was based on the publicity effect this month.

What does what’s going to happen two months later have to do with him?

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That was why Meng Chang finally chose the inspiration class as his publicity direction in the few options.

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However, one could never be too careful.

What if Boss Pei deliberately messed with him and suddenly publicized this matter this month? Wouldn’t there be more variables?

Therefore, Meng Chang specially came to ask Boss Pei to write a contract.

He could use it without any worries if Boss Pei agreed.

If Boss Pei was not willing, it meant that Boss Pei wanted to play a trick on him here.

In that case, Meng Chang would give up on this plan and become a bum this month.

He would rather take a basic salary than work for Boss Pei for nothing!

Pei Qian reached out for Meng Chang’s publicity plan.

It might be a paintball but there was not much color. Some of the words were just different.

Pei Qian immediately thought of the outsourcing of a certain coconut juice when he saw this poster. That was messy enough, but Meng Chang’s publicity poster was even more messy than that!