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“It is unwise to confirm each other’s identity in a place like this, isn’t it? That’s what I’d like to say.... I’m no one suspicious... just a crepe wholesaler from Japone.”

Crepe......? What is that?

“But you... is this your first time? You don’t seem to be used to it... the shining eyes behind those goggles...... feels good.”

Saying that, the Old man looked at my face.

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“Oh, I’m sorry, you don’t want to hear that from a strange old man, do you? I’m afraid at this age...... I don’t have much chance to talk with the brilliant young children of the new age.... the ones who shine brighter than ever before and I can’t help but be bothered by it.”


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“Young ones in this town... I don’t think they’re rotten, but... the look in their eyes was a little sad because they were resigned... not you. There is still purity and you’re lost. The fact that you’re lost means that you’re trying to find your way... you can be anything from now on.”

After Bro, I didn’t expect someone I had just met to compliment me to my face, it was embarrassing.

That phrase ‘I can be anything’ got me fired up.

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“But such a young man...... why are you here? You don’t seem to be interested, but...”

Why is it, I wonder?

Due to the matter with the woman that day, I’m aware that my ‘eye for people’ is not great.

“Elder...... I’m not from this town.... I simply...... wanted to know what’s going on here... I..... I have no idea what I’m doing here.... I heard about the auction, but...”