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2. Steal an ambulance and run away

“You scumbag!”

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I can’t find a single correct option. What do I do!? If you want to leave so badly, why don’t you just say it to the staff! Why do you have to commit unnecessary crimes!?

I sighed helplessly and chose the less dangerous “throw tantrum at the nurse” option. Then, the screen showed the next time.

{10 minutes until he wakes up.}


Even though I want to sleep right away, I can’t go to bed while leaving this alone. However, there’s a 2-hour period for you to choose the event after the young man woke up. Actually, I can sleep for another 2 hours…

“…I’ll be pissed if I have to wake up once again.”

So, I wasted 10 minutes on my phone checking on the latest game information dazedly. I thought about why I’m getting so worked up while furiously opening the app. Then, …the young man is wrapping his hands around his legs on the bed.

{…My favorite nurse-san is mad at me. …This is depressing.}

“Shut up! You deserved it!”

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{Ah, ah, why did you choose to throw a tantrum at the nurse…}

The pixelated young man glanced at me.

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“Wait, why are you saying that like it’s my fault? It’s at least better than stealing an ambulance, right?”

{Well, …what should I do next. This time, I have to do something serious…}