Do you sell books on the hole?

Do you sell books on the hole?

“There are so many units, and it’s from God’s perspective. It looks like an RTS game.”

“Could it be that... There is a special Easter egg in this interview? Is this a new game that Tengda is going to release?”

The netizens were practically possessed by Sherlock Holmes. At first, no one paid attention to it. However, the others would swarm forward like sharks that had smelled blood as long as any one of them noticed something amiss!

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Someone downloaded the original picture and took a closer look. This picture might be taken from a distance but it was still quite clear. The game’s graphics were completely different from any of the domestically-produced classic games combined!

What would that imply?

Meng Chang opened his mouth slightly and froze.

“Holy f*ck!”

“Sh*t’s going to happen!”

Meng Chang was dumbfounded.

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It was just an ordinary interview. He did not expect to be caught by these Sherlock Holmes gamers!

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It was only now that Meng Chang realized that even though the main content of the interview was nonsense, making unfounded guesses and even attacking him were only a small problem.

The real problem was that this interview leaked information about the DEMO of Mission and Choice!