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This was because he had the most experience out of everyone in Shang Yang Games. The design of his standalone game should also have catered to Boss Pei’s taste.

In Wang Xiaobin’s mind, Boss Pei was a talented designer who made saving the game industry his personal, lifelong mission. Wang Xiaobin saw Boss Pei as a highly-skilled businessman who had freed himself from low-class taste and the greed of money.

Why else would he have gotten rid of most of the purchase options in Bloody Battle Song?

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Yet, now, Boss Pei’s decision had been revealed.

He had chosen Ye Zhizhou’s plan over his. Not only that, Boss Pei had not changed a single word in Ye Zhizhou’s proposal. All he did was change the name.

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This confused, puzzled, and disappointed Wang Xiaobin.

“Oh, that’s right, Brother Wang.

“Boss Pei said that your plan was quite good, but it was too conservative. He told you to make edits to your proposal during the research and development period because there’s a chance we might use it in the future.”

Ye Zhizhou repeated Pei Qian’s message, word for word.

Wang Xiaobin immediately perked up.

Oh! So that was why!

Boss Pei still validated my proposal. He just thought that I was being too conservative. The game was not outstanding enough as a standalone!

Wang Xiaobin was filled with motivation.

Now, he roughly understood why Boss Pei had chosen Ye Zhizhou’s proposal over his. Ye Zhizhou’s proposal was considered relatively novel among games with paywalls. However, Wang Xiaobin’s proposal was considered quite average and boring among standalone games.

Boss Pei had different criteria for each type of game, and Ye Zhizhou’s plan contained more novel ideas. Naturally, Boss Pei would think more highly of it.

Boss Pei said that my proposal was too conservative. That’s right, that’s the way it is. I prioritized stability and used very mature designs. Now that I look at it, it is pretty outdated.