How to make money online repellent watches

How to make money online repellent watches

“But your company is totally different. You clearly state the stakes before investment, which had the concept of letting people choose whether to willingly fall into the snare or not.

“I think the management of your project is very responsible, going by this attitude! Such is Boss Pei’s style!

“Therefore, I want to invest three million yuan. To be honest, I’m optimistic not about your project, but about your group of people. A group of down to earth people like you can accomplish any project! “It doesn’t matter if it fails. Venture capital investment is inherently risky after all. Haha.”

He Desheng was moved. “Alright, Boss Chen! Our Boss Pei will certainly be pleased to hear what you said!”

Pei Qian looked at the sky with his teacup in hand. He could not speak for some time.

Sh*t, all the investors they managed to dissuade had been recovered from Boss Chen!

He Desheng was encouraged and continued to call the next investment firm.

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After Boss Chen, the next investment firm did not change its stance and maintained the previous investment. The subsequent investment firm also increased its investment!

In the end, the investment amount was 800,000 yuan more now!

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He Desheng raised his thumb happily after the calls. “Boss Pei, your strategy of letting people choose whether to willingly fall into the snare or not really opened my eyes!”

Pei Qian was speechless.

He waved his hand dismissively and asked feebly. “So, how much investment has this project received now?”

He Desheng calculated. “About seven million yuan, Boss Pei!”

Pei Qian looked up in anguish, feeling utterly speechless. What the hell was this?! I dissuaded you in kindness, but all of you were so ignorant! There were still people who wanted to increase their investments? Crazy!

You don’t want to walk the ready path to heaven, bashing your way into hell...

Don’t blame me for being cruel then!

Pei Qian put the finished cup on the table, gritted his teeth, and said. “Alright, they want to invest? Invest all they want!

“Continue burning all the money, until not one cent is left!”

Pei Qian was still pissed off on the way back to the office.