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Amasawa put forward the opinion that, as long as she witnessed it with her own two eyes, it didn’t matter who made the food, even if they were a stranger.

“Besides, I think I’ve got a pretty good idea about how this school works. I’d have to live sparingly if I somehow ended up without any points, yeah? But like, if I get Senpai to cook for me, I wouldn’t have to worry about that.”

There it was. In other words, if the meal I cooked for her this time tasted good enough, she fully intended to come sponge off me again in the future.

She was essentially looking to secure a reliable meal ticket in the event of an emergency.

It would probably be a good opportunity for me to improve my cooking skills, but I was hesitant to say whether or not she’d be willing to pay for the cost of the ingredients.

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“You get where I’m coming from?”

“More or less.”

Amasawa flashed a white, toothy smile.

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But there was still something that didn’t sit right with me. Was a second-year student, and a male student at that, really the best person to reach out to about it? I’d imagine that asking this of one the classmates you were closer to or somebody of the same sex would make things much easier later on down the road.

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Well, I’m not exactly complaining though, since I was looking to gain something out of it.

“Anyway, I’m super picky about taste~ If it’s not yummy enough, the deal’s off, okay?”

“I get it. Just because I make the dish doesn’t mean it’ll be good enough for you.”

In that respect, the hurdle was by no means low, but I had no other choice but to put my head down and do my best.

The cooking skills that Horikita had spent the last night teaching me were all that mattered now.

I wondered just how much I’d be able to leverage her training in the short time it had been since we accepted Amasawa’s proposal yesterday.