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“It’s okay that you’re so motivated to do this, but does that mean you have permission from Ayanokouji-senpai?”

“Permission? I have no need for such a thing. My being here is my own personal decision.”

“You’ve got an awful lot of self-confidence, haven’t you, Arisu-senpai?”

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“I’m proud to say that I have at least that much ability.”

“So cool!”

Amasawa, while praising and applauding, seemed somewhat preoccupied.

“But I’m sorry. I’m feeling a little sentimental right now. Could we do this some other time?”

“I don’t mind. Today was only supposed to be a mere face-to-face meeting after all.”

Satisfied with just saying a quick hello, Sakayanagi bowed softly and turned to leave.

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“Ah, and by the way, Arisu-senpai, could the surveillance you’ve had me under come to an end here?”

Sakayanagi found Amasawa after using several students from Class A to keep track of her location and waited until she was alone.

“I had instructed them to not let themselves be seen, but it seems you noticed.”

“Ahahaha, that was supposed to be hiding? That’s cute.”

“I apologize if my actions made you feel uncomfortable. But as you can see, I’m crippled, so it wouldn’t be easy for me to locate and go to see you otherwise. Please forgive me.”

“Ah, I have one question~. I’m the kind of girl who can hit a cripple without hesitation, is that okay?”