does subscribing on youtube cost money

does subscribing on youtube cost money

“Not bad, you’ve improved. You said you had to attend your classmate’s weddings the past few times. I wondered why all of your classmates were getting married at the same time! Your excuse is not bad this time. Keep working hard!”

“Taking frequent leave is a sign that the author isn’t going to finish the book. Tell us, are you going to leave this book incomplete as well?!”

“Sh*t, don’t do that! I just caught up, and you’ve only written about six hundred thousand words for this book. It’s only a child!”

“You’re asking for votes even though you’re taking leave… how shameless!” “Do you see this vote? F*ck, even if I have to waste it, I wouldn’t vote for you!”

Reading the angry comments left by his readers, the young man smiled. He was already used to this.

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Cui Geng was one of the students who would be attending Zhongdian Chinese Network’s first authors’ class. His pen name was ‘The Tentacled Beast that Writes for His Life’. However, that name turned out to be perfectly ironic.

He was known for updating his books very slowly and taking leave whenever he felt like it. Each time he took leave, he would also shamelessly ask readers to vote for him.

He was also infamous for not finishing two or three online novels.

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Yet, he always had good ideas for novels and a perfect grasp of writing and rhythm. He could always draw people in. Although his readers constantly cursed at him, even they could not help but keep reading his novels.

Cui Geng sighed. “Ai, I’m telling the truth this time. I’m really going to take part in a class. Why doesn’t anyone believe me?”

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Among online authors, there were hard workers and slackers. Authors like Cui Geng were especially slack.

That was because he lacked motivation.