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Unrocated to make money from online impact

Not only did he invite me to play the game in advance, but he also edited the game based on my feedback. I contributed to the game’s success, didn’t I?

Looking at the bigger picture, can I call myself the ‘assistant designer’ of Repent and be Saved? Or should I call myself the ‘special tester of Repent and be Saved’?

Hehe, they’re both not wrong!

Qiao Liang began interacting with his fans by randomly picking a few comments to reply to.

Soon, the video-termed by the audience as ‘the best video of October’-rose up in ranks through the charts. It first appeared on the ranking board of the games channel… and then on the ranking board for content across Aili Island!

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Qiao Liang scanned the videos on the ranking board and saw a familiar UP Master’s name.

It was Hao Shuaiqi!

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His video was titled ‘When a Foreign UP Master Livestreams Repent and be Saved on Link Live’.

His video was still gaining popularity at the moment, and it was following closely behind Qiao Liang’s walkthrough.

“Eh, this brother is quite efficient. Let me see how our foreign friend is doing.”

Qiao Liang clicked on the video.

He had to say that Hao Shuaiqi lived up to his name-he was quite charming[1]. He gave off a foolish vibe, and he looked like someone who knew how to entertain others.

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This foreign, energetic fellow had edited the recording of his livestream on Link Live, added special effects and subtitles, and then uploaded it on Aili Island.

It was obvious that Hao Shuaiqi had taken a completely different path from Teacher Qiao with his video.

Teacher Qiao’s video was a walkthrough. It was not fast-paced, but it was rich in content. He had planned the entire process and filmed everything according to the script. He needed to cause his viewers to feel like the game was quite simple. Hao Shuaiqi’s video was a different story. It was filmed in one take and was naturally filled with scenes of him being killed by various different monsters. In one livestream alone, he could be killed by the same monster several times. Hao Shuaiqi edited these death scenes to make his video more entertaining. Hao Shuaiqi had written ‘he died’ on his own epitaph. Coupled with his expressions as caught by the camera, his video showed viewers shadows of themselves playing the game. It was quite explosive.

From the bullet screen comments, Qiao Liang could tell that Hao Shuaiqi’s viewers remained extremely happy even though he kept dying.