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How to write it online to make money online?

“The author has analyzed it before. Internet food and beverage brands like Cold-Faced Lady have similar problems: heavy marketing and so-so products. In layman’s terms, they are bragging too much, and their own products cannot reach the level of their marketing.”

“I once said that no one would be much more stupid than anyone in any era. Even the smartest person can only deceive consumers for a while, not for a lifetime. Everyone has an answer in their hearts whether the cold noodles cooked by Cold-Faced Lady are delicious or not. No matter how good their marketing is, if the taste of the cold noodles cannot reach their expectations, it would still be empty in the end.”

“The crux of the Cold-Faced Lady’s problem also reflects Meng Chang’s biggest flaw as a entrepreneur: He has been trying hard to look up and into the distance, but he has not been down to earth.”

“Therefore, Cold-Faced Lady’s failure is inevitable.”

“However, after the Cold-Faced Lady changed her boss, Boss Pei sent everyone a brand new business idea through the Street Food Contest. That is: Seek facts, value products, and respect talent!”

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“This is a world of difference from the Cold-Faced Lady management philosophy under Meng Chang’s leadership. Or rather, it’s completely opposite.”

“In the Street Food Contest this time, we can see that the Cold-Faced Lady’s roasted cold noodles is on the same stage as the roasted cold noodles of outstanding vendors across the country. The judges are not biased towards the host, the Cold-Faced Lady. They were objective and strict, they pointed out many problems with the Cold-Faced Lady’s cold noodles.”

“That means two things:”

“First, we now have a definite answer as to what the cold-faced lady’s taste was like during Meng Chang’s time. It’s better than ordinary roadside stalls, but it’s not as good as what Meng Chang bragged.”

“This is equivalent to the official verdict. It completely negates Meng Chang’s over-exaggerated marketing methods and tells all consumers the truth about the cold-faced lady’s taste in food.”

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“Second, since we have denied Meng Chang’s management concept, we are also announcing the establishment of a new management concept to everyone!”

“Meng Chang has been bragging about how delicious Lady Cold-Faced’s cold noodles are. However, his true colors were revealed in today’s Street Food Contest. No matter whether it was the heat of the cold noodles, the amount of condiments, or the timing when the water was sprayed, Lady Cold-Faced’s chefs did not do a good job. They were not even as good as some outstanding vendors.”

“This means that Meng Chang’s so-called ‘strict requirements for taste’ was only lip service. He didn’t really study and develop the taste of cold noodles.”

“What Boss Pei is conveying to everyone is actually this concept: The cold-faced lady will strictly control the details in the future and further improve the taste and texture of the cold noodles. At the same time, he will have to be realistic about the taste and stop creating any false publicity!”