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Is the online part-time job really make money?

“Under protection!?”

“At first, the cops’ eyes were full of warmth. However, after they heard the truth, their eyes became terrifying cold…”

“What the hell?”

“Finally, I’ve grasped the truth of normie fashion.”

“What a sudden reveal.”

“That would be: it’s best to dress normally.”

“You just wasted a couple minutes of my time!”

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“Therefore, I have ascended to become a normie.”

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“This is the first time I’ve hears such a useless lecture!”

Aguri dropped her jaw after hearing my speech. …Hmph, it looks like she’s admiring my brilliant < Normie Fashion Talk> .

I swept up my bangs and announced to my girlfriend.

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“Go ahead, Aguri. Even if you immediately tell my < Truth of Fashion> to Amano-“

“No, thanks.”

Aguri rejected me. Her eyes are filled with an emptiness I’ve never seen before.

Chapter 8 – Konoha Hoshinomori and Ero-game Talk

Konoha, who has a unique view on hentai games, had an ero-game talk with Keita!