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Pei Qian had spent a lot of effort over the past two days to finalize the summer promotion event.

This summer promotional event was not Pei Qian’s invention but the tradition of many foreign companies, especially the United States.

There were some differences in the timing of the various companies. Some were at the end of June, and some were at the beginning of July. However, there was a huge difference.

Finger Games’ summer promotion event was on June 26th, which was next Tuesday.

It was also a tradition to organize preferential activities on Tuesday. The specific origins were no longer obvious. Some said that it was because the television station had been renovated or resting on Tuesday earlier, so there were fewer entertainment activities. Some said that it was because there were fewer people shopping on Tuesday to stimulate consumption.

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All in all, choosing to organize a summer promotion event at the end of June was a schedule that Finger Games had long decided on.

What’s more, in order to warm up, Finger Games had already announced the time of the summer promotional event on the official website in advance. However, they had not announced the specific plan for the summer promotional event.

This gave Pei Qian the perfect opportunity to intercept!

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To be honest, Pei Qian had spent a lot of money on the previous 515 Games Festival. He had not had enough. In fact, he had felt a little regretful.

Finger Games and Long Yu Corporation had created such a huge scene but ended up with no follow-up. How disappointing!

Pei Qian had thought that Eric would be able to sell the building no matter how hard he worked, right?

Yet, this building had not been sold. How infuriating!

Finger Games did not believe it after burning a wave of money for the 515 Games Festival. That made Pei Qian very anxious.