Have those who are reliable online

Have those who are reliable online

Pei Qian had been steadily incurring losses at first, but the chain effect had turned all of his losses into profits. How could he tolerate that?

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Pei Qian had struggled a couple of times. Take Fish-Catching Internet Cafe, for example. It was already at version 3.0, but no matter what Pei Qian did with it, it continued to generate profits. It was unbearable.

Still, ever since he received the letter from a tenant of the Sloth Apartments, Pei Qian started viewing his physical businesses differently.

Before this, Pei Qian had not thought much about the influence that Tengda Corporation had. After all, it was a business that had been established two years ago, with all of its physical shops gathered in Jingzhou.

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Just looking at Fish-Catching Internet Cafe... how much influence could a chain of internet cafes have?

Jingzhou had a population of over seven million people and a land area of about eleven thousand square kilometers. Even if Tengda opened tens or hundreds more of Fish-Catching Internet Cafes, how much influence could it have in such a huge city?

If one took the perspective of all of Handong Province or all of China, Tengda’s few physical shops would seem even more negligible.

That was why Pei Qian had not thought much of Tengda’s physical businesses before this.

However, after last week, Pei Qian realized something.

Tengda’s physical businesses had more influence than Pei Qian could imagine.

Again, take the internet cafes for example. Although Fish-Catching Internet Cafe could not win Xing Le Cafe in terms of the number of physical stores, it dominated the latter in terms of reputation and fame.

Many foreigners knew that Fish-Catching Internet Cafe existed in Jingzhou, but they had not heard of Xing Le Internet Cafe before.

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As for why such a huge gap existed... after much thought, Pei Qian could only think of two reasons.

First, the profit-generating model of Tengda’s physical shops differed too greatly from its major competitors. Thus, it was more hotly discussed. In addition, Tengda’s exemplary reputation earned it far more attention.

Second, just like what had happened with Sloth Apartments, players in certain industries were racing to the bottom. Any company with a bit of a conscience and sacrificed a little profit would already have defeated ninety percent of its competitors.

After reading the letter from the tenant of Sloth Apartments, Pei Qian felt mixed feelings. However, the most dominant was the realization that his physical stores had begun significantly affecting many people’s lives.